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TV Aerial and Satellite Installations Warrington 2018

TV Aerials Warrington Satellite Training Services

At a time of increasing change within our industry, training, and education is essential if you want to keep abreast of the latest technology, design and installation techniques. The TV Aerials Warrington's intense programs are designed to develop skills and competencies necessary to meet the demands of the aerial and systems installation industry.


Please note that successfully any Aerials Warrington Training Course does not give you membership of the Confederation and use of the Aerials Warrington TV is not permitted. Nine of our programs have achieved City & Guilds Accreditation which recognizes the process and delivery of a bespoke training program. These are not City & Guilds Qualifications, and you will not be authorized to use the City & Guilds logo. Please note our training processes and systems have been Accredited, not the content of our programs or the Aerials Warrington TV as an organization. You will receive a Aerials Warrington training certificate which contains the City & Guilds Accredited Program logo.


TV Aerials Warrington Accessibility Policy

The  TV Aerials WarringtonWelcomes applications from potential participants of all social and ethnic backgrounds. Its enrollment policy aims to promote equal opportunities, while at the same time selecting participants who have the ability and motivation to benefit from the courses that they intend to follow and who will make contribution to the Industry. To this end, in the spirit of the Equality Act 2005, the Aerials Warrington TV will undertake reasonable adjustments for qualified applicants with disabilities to enter the TV Aerials Warrington Education and Skills Program, in accordance with the provisions of the Act. to report any disabilities to the Aerials Warrington TV, please do so at the time of booking, or shortly after in order for the learning program to be adapted and cater for your needs.



This program is suitable for participants with no experience who wish to enter the industry and for those who have experience but want to know more about the theoretical and practical aspects of terrestrial and satellite signal reception and installation.

This program covers all aspects of TV delivered via an aerial and satellite dish into a coaxial network around a single dwelling property.

Over the 3 days this program presents all the necessary criteria to deliver terrestrial and satellite TV programming to TV receiving equipment in the home.

- Health & Safety in relation to the use of ladders. (Aerial & Satellite)
- Electrical Safety requirements for signal distribution. (Aerial & Satellite)
- SIgnal types & measurement. (Aerial & Satellite)
- Aerial design & choice through survey tests. (Aerial only)
- Brackets, fixings & installing a chimney lashing kit. (Aerial & Satellite)
- Cables, certification & correct fitting of connectors. (Aerial & Satellite)
- Aerial alignment & recording signals. (Aerial only)
- 4G Interference Mitigation. (Aerial only)
- Amplifiers, diplexers, combiners & their application. (Aerial & Satellite)
- Modulation techniques & digital compression. (Aerial & Satellite)
- Surveying and testing site location / planning considerations. (Satellite only).
- Reception of other satellites. (Satellite only)
- Assembly, fixing and alignment of a satellite dish. (Satellite only)
- Received connection and interconnection to ancillary equipment. (Satellite only)
- Fault tracing and mitigation techniques. (Satellite only)
- Customer relations, conduct, documentation & insurance. (Aerial & Satellite)
- Future development of aerial / satellite and multimedia industry.

Basic Aerial & Satellite Installation Learning Outcomes
Following this 3-day programme all participants will be able to;
- Select the correct aerial for regional terrestrial TV reception.
- Select the correct dish size for regional satellite TV reception.
- Record signals for both terrestrial & satellite.
- Install a chimney lashing.
- Fit the correct connectors to terminate coaxial cables.
- Assemble a satellite dish.
- Install & align a Sky UK satellite dish.
- Install and programme a Sky UK HD satellite receiver.

Learning Style
This programme is classroom based by PowerPoint and contains and mix of practical demonstrations with hands-on learning exercises.

Assessment Method
The assessment method for this program is by means of a multiple choice open book assessment paper with a pass mark of 65%.

Program Duration
This program is run over 3 days.

This program is suitable for anyone who is installing aerials and is not fully conversant with the current standard (IEC 60728-11: 2010) and Aerials Warrington TV Code of Practice 3 - Electrical Safety Requirements for Signal Reception Systems (Excluding CATV).

Participants will give a practical working knowledge of how to install a safe signal distribution system in the home or commercial premises.

At the end of this program all participants will be able to install a safety mechanism on a distribution system, analyze the effectiveness and record the results.

- Background to why earthing and bonding may be necessary.
- Electrical regulations and safety.
- Single Dwelling Unit (SDU) requirements.
- Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) and commercial premise requirements.

Learning Outcomes
This 1-day program will enable all participants to;
- Test an electrical circuit for safety.
- Make a safety bond.
- Perform the necessary tests and checks to ensure a system is safe.

Learning Style
This program is based on a PowerPoint presentation and contains theoretical and practical learning exercise techniques.

Assessment Method
The assessment method for this program is by means of practical worksheets and a multiple choice open book assessment paper with a pass mark of 65%.

Program Duration
This program is run over 1 day.

This program is suitable for participants involved in the TV / RF distribution industry with a desire to learn the developments of Fiber Optic Technology and associated equipment. A reasonable understanding of current Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) would be desirable but not absolutely necessary.

This program will enable participants to understand the working and planning of a typically sized fiber optic delivery system.

Over this 1-day program participants will become practically familiar with all the components of a working fiber optic system.

- The history and development of fiber optic technology.
- The importance of health and safety when working with fiber optics.
- Types of cables and connectors used in the fiber optic industry.
- The applications of fiber optics with an understanding of the technology.
- Components contained within the systems and their practical application.
- Calculations of signal losses & gains within them.
- Design three typical sized fiber optic systems.
- Fusion splicing and termination of fiber optic cables and connectors.
- Fiber containment methods.
- Demonstrate an ability to install and fault fiber optic systems in the TV industry.
- Major manufacturer latest fiber IRS systems explained.

Learning Outcomes
This 1-day program will enable all participants to;
- Work with the main component of a fiber network.
- Carry out fusion splicing of cables.
- Connect and terminate fiber cable.
- Design a fiber optic delivery system.

Learning Style
A PowerPoint led delivery including industry videos, clear theoretical explanations and hands-on applications. Continuous informal and formal assessments will monitor progress throughout the day.

Assessment Method
The assessment method for this program is by means of practical assessment exercises and a multiple choice open book assessment paper with a pass mark of 65%.

Program Duration
This program is run over 1 day.

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