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best wireless routers 2017

best wireless routers 2017

Even if they don’t always work flawlessly, there’s no doubt in our minds that the best wireless routers of today are exhibiting technology that’s vastly superior to those of last year. Along with the 802.11ac networking standard, we’ve seen the introduction of a 5GHz band that puts the old-hat 2.4GHz connections to shame at close-range.

That’s without mentioning wireless mesh systems, which aim to combat the conventional router’s inability to transfer data quickly through walls. Even if you’re looking for a basic router setup, festooned with a generous helping of extras like MU-MIMO and directional beamforming, we’ve collected the 10 best wireless routers you can buy below.

Keeping in mind that we’ve undergone thorough testing of each product, read on to give your house the 802.11ac boost it deserves.

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1. Google Wifi

wireless routers
wireless routers




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